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19 August
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I opened an LJ so I could meet other people out there in the virtual world who are as obsessed....er, dedicated as me about certain interests. Also, I like to comment on artwork, fanfic etc, so I tend to post more at other LJs as opposed to my own, though I do occasionally ramble on about something or other.

Favourite TV shows: Ashes To Ashes, Spooks, The Killing, Borgen, Whitechapel, Battlestar Galactica, Lie To Me, Dexter, In Treatment, Breaking Bad, Life On Mars, House, Nurse Jackie.

Favourite actors: Peter Firth, Edward James Olmos, Hugh Laurie, Philip Glenister, Robert Glenister, Gabriel Byrne and Tim Roth.

Favourite actresses: Nicola Walker, Sofie Grabol, Hermione Norris, Mary McDonnell, Keeley Hawes, Gillian Anderson, Michelle Forbes, Eve Best, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.

Favourite films: Witness, original Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones, As Good As It Gets, The English Patient, Dances With Wolves, Donny Darko.

Music: REM, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Abba!

In my real life, I am married with 1 cat, Sweep. Her sister, Sooty died in December 2010, & we miss her dearly. I love reading, cycling, photography, collecting props, films, theatre and many different kinds of music. I also support Liverpool FC and Reading FC, and have a fascination with cricket, especially when England are doing well!


Although my LJ is 'Friends Only', feel free to 'friend' me if we share interests. If we don't, you probably won't be reading this anyway, or you've given up by now! ;)

Credit goes to technobabbled for my 'Friends Only' banner and to waferthindream for my header.

Thank you so much to magicallaw for my Gene & Alex moodtheme!

A little photo dedication to my 3 favourite TV relationships, which I love to bits! (Adama/Roslin from BSG, Gene/Alex from Ashes to Ashes, and Harry/Ruth from Spooks).